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How AI Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence has given the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it and also learn from it and this is exactly why artificial intelligence is revolutionizing digital marketing. Marketers are now creating unique ads and even personalized messages for each customer in real time with technologies that analyze consumer behavior on what will entice them to make a purchase and then return for a purchase again. These Intelligent Tools are evolving more and more and a time will come when they are able to surpass humans in many aspects. AI is already being used to write reports and news based on data and information provided.

As per a Gartner Study, by the Year 2020, 30 percent of Digital Commerce Revenue Growth will be credited to artificial intelligence technologies and by the same year, artificial intelligence will be used by at least 60 % Companies for digital revenue contribution. Another survey conducted by Salesforce indicates that 51% marketers are using AI already and another 27% is expected to be added on in the year 2019.

Let us have a look at how AI has and is continuing to change Digital Marketing in a better way:

 – Better User Experience: When you give your customer a good user experience, you have had a successful digital marketing strategy. With the right content delivered to the customer, it is most likely to convert him into a loyal customer. AI technologies makes this possible by having relevant data of the consumer beforehand and customer feels as if the brand was built keeping him and his buying behavior in mind. This tool is a great invention in digital marketing especially for online shopping websites which has made it possible for online customers to actually try on clothes to see how the item will look on them without even stepping into the store physically. Wow! This turns to less dissatisfied customers, lower chances of returns and increased brand loyalty.  Voice Search Tool is another tool of digital marketing that has gained momentum and is working as a great advantage to companies using it.

– Predictive Customer Behavior:  AI is a step ahead- not only is it successful in studying past consumer buying behavior but it also can predict the behavior of new and existing users.It is constantly improving and with new algorithms, accuracy of data is becoming better and better and it will eventually help determine sales volume and ROI to the business thus leading to a successful business. This thorough profiling of customers enables the company to target their audience market as much accuracy as possible without spending time and money on those that are most unlikely to get converted.

– Real Time Customer Support: Supporting your customers with quick resolutions and responses are one of the key strategy for a good digital experience. AI Chatbots is one such tool that makes this possible. A customer gets the impression he is talking to a human in real time. These Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are available 24/7 and have improved customer satisfaction over all. Facebook Messenger is one such tool that integrated the chatbot feature that is helping businesses through Facebook.

Artificial Intelligence is growing and trending upward and we don’t see it slowing down for a while. It cannot create content but it can curate it and thus this makes it possible to better connect with potential users on a website and show them only relevant content.  One must definitely integrate AI into their digital marketing strategy as it will give your end customers a great user experience and thus have the right ingredients for a successful business.

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