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Microland Aims To ‘Make Digital Happen’ With Version 6.0


IT infrastructure management firm Microland has announced Version 6.0 with its new focus is on ‘Making Digital Happen’ for enterprises around the world, according to Pradeep Kar, Founder and Chairman, Microland. While the company offers IT infrastructure that is secure, reliable and predictable, its new new suite of services is aimed at meeting clients’ rising demand for advanced Automation, AI, IIoT, Cloud and Cybersecurity, he said.

At an event to celebrate Microland’s 30th anniversary in the industry, Kar said, “Our first foray to understand the shift in India was when we launched Netscape. We have laid the groundwork for the next stage of our journey.”

The Bengaluru-based company registered 22 per cent revenue growth last year, serves 140 large active customers, has made investments in new facilities, centres of excellence, leadership, IP & Platforms and doubled down on its partnerships.

As infrastructure moves from the back office to the edge to being the hub of Automation, AI, and Machine Learning, Microland’s extreme focus on delivering infrastructure that is 100% reliable 24/7/365 is directly connected to how our clients show up in a digitally engaged world. I’m pleased to say that as the premier technology solutions provider making digital happen for enterprises around the world, Microland is well-positioned for the future.”

Ashish Mahadwar, Microland’s President, Global Sales & Marketing explained, “Today, as infrastructure blends with Automation and IIoT, Microland has the agility and innovation to ensure our clients’ embrace of AI, Automation and IIoT is predictable, reliable, stable, and industry-leading.”

Underscoring its commitment to supporting modern digital needs, Microland’s Chief Technology Officer, Robert Wysocki, noted that, “Microland has observed the steady trend of infrastructure becoming a commodity and the growth of Cloud. We are now innovating and partnering around AI, Automation, IIoT, Machine Learning, and Cloud as well as setting new benchmarks in Cybersecurity that allow us to support complex windfarms and intelligent factories for leading enterprises.”

“A System Integrator for today’s IIoT ecosystem requires a team with strong IT-OT skills to securely deliver business outcomes and ROI. We believe that with the investments and alliances that Microland has made in the recent years, it is uniquely positioned to be the preferred IIoT services partner for global enterprises,” said Manjanath Nayak, Senior Vice President and IIoT Leader of Microland.

With a 30 year legacy in infrastructure management and its proven global expertise, Microland is betting on its Indian heritage and fanatical client-centric culture to deliver a new breed of predictable, reliable and stable services. It is making digital happen.

Kar said, “Last year, we repositioned ourselves internally as a ‘Digital Accelerator’ to focus on helping global enterprises to accelerate their journey towards the cloud. But, over the last 18 months, we started looking ahead to see what is changing in the global world, just like we did in 1989 where we looked ahead and took a stance.”

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