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Security, A Top Concern In SD-WAN Deployment: Study


Security remains a top concern for an overwhelming majority of IT leaders as they consider upgrading to an SD-WAN solution, according to a new study by Barracuda Networks that also indicates that SD-WAN deployments are increasing to address networking challenges resulting from the explosive growth of WAN traffic due to high demand for cloud applications and services.

The research report, “Security, Connectivity, and Control: The Challenges and Opportunities of SD-WAN” that includes data from more than 900 respondents in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC across multiple sectors, including healthcare, finance, education, manufacturing, public sector, and retail highlights that networking challenges are common with current WAN setups.

Top three challenges in India are performance between locations (64%), rapid network expansion (60%), and complexity (55%), according to the study findings.

In India, SD-WAN deployments are on the rise, with one-third (37%) already deployed SD-WAN in most of their sites, and 40 percent are in the process of doing so or will in the next year. Seventy eight percent of IT leaders in India said they experienced increased network security since deploying SD-Wan Security is a top priority when choosing an SD-WAN solution, the report says.

Over three quarters (78%) of respondents in India agree that they don’t need to invest in any other security as their SD-WAN solution contains everything required SD-WAN offers improved security and lower costs.

“These findings show that as IT professionals increasingly turn to SD-WAN to address their networking challenges, they’re looking for solutions that provide security, simplicity, and cost savings,”said Klaus Gheri, VP, Network Security, Barracuda. “Barracuda meets those needs by offering a single solution combining advanced security and SD-WAN.”

Gheri added that organizations in India with SD-WAN in their organization or in their sights estimate a saving of $1.15 million on MPLS and networking costs over 12 months, as a result of implementing SD-WAN.

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