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Using Technology To Improve Coaching Engagement


According to Alvin Toffler “The future always comes too fast and in the wrong order.”

Today, leaders across industries are living in quite interesting yet challenging times; they are always pushed to search solutions for the unknowns, I feel like the  boat is getting rocked quite severely.  As the boundaries are getting Blurred, as employees are getting Overloaded with more work than ever before due to process automation, as business arena getting complex by the day and leaders are struggling to Attune themselves with an ever-changing landscape.  Moreover, Technology is sweeping the way business is being done in the Knowledge-based economy.  

While the BOAT is rocked; Leaders of Baby Boomers era may set to exit the workplace in droves in the years to come, and leaders will soon be in short supply.  These complexities and the future dearth of Leadership can put enormous pressure on the Organizations in the way they nurture and develop future leaders.

In this highly digitized and networked world, future leaders need to be beyond their functional capabilities to leverage the workforce in a better way.   The emerging tech, such as AI, is part of human evolution, and whatever supports us in becoming more aware and conscious is a good thing.

At this outset, I as a Coach believe that coaching is no different from any other industry – and Coaches have to expect and respond positively to technology impacts.

Imagine this, while facing a difficult conversation with an underperforming employee? Need to confront a challenging colleague? You are stuck? Struggling with dilemmas? Unable to achieve your desired GOALS? Struggling to settle in a new role?

While a hand full of companies help professionals prepare for those conversations and situations with the support of an executive coach, such specialized resources aren’t available at all levels or all firms.

The Future of Coaching

The success of future in coaching will be technology and technology alone. Coaches will differentiate themselves in the future by connecting through platforms and being able to meet almost anywhere and anytime regardless of their physical location. Coaches will engage clients through micro-learning sessions, gamification and will add value by providing clients access to content beyond their physical presence.

Accelerated growth in the use of technology has prompted a tremendous change in working environments over the last decade. Therefore a sound coaching practice should be implemented against the backdrop of continued technological advancement which has the potential to impact coaching in 5 specific ways:

Ø  Coach Selection

Ø  Business/Process Management for the Coaching Engagement

Ø  Supplementing face-to-face Coaching

Ø  Replacing face-to-face coaching

Ø  Coach/Coaching engagement evaluation.

The idea is tomake learning faster, better, and more rewarding for people and organizations.  Today more and more Organizations are embracing Coaching and are trying to embed it throughout their Organizations. For example, intelligent chatbots built on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms can help future leaders, managers, peers, professionals and individuals to engage in a more personalized and meaningful manner in the coaching world in the years to  come.

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