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What is Clubhouse and Why it Matters to Business Users

Clubhouse presently has around two million users and is creating buzz in the business circle. How can business users gain from this app?


Clubhouse has quietly but steadily been gaining influence since it first launched in 2020. While it was already creating buzz in some countries, when tech billionaire Elon Musk popped up in Clubhouse room this week, the app got much attention, giving business users another opportunity to connect and network with other business leaders.

But what exactly is Clubhouse and how it can be desirable to the enterprise?

developed by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, Clubhouse, an audio-based social network, is now drawing rave reviews as several startup entrepreneurs, investors and tech aficionados log onto the exclusive cohort. The invitation-only audio-chat social networking app, where a conversation is often off-the-record, was launched in March 2020 by software developers Alpha Exploration Co.

Backed by US venture capitalists Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, the app is now valued at $1 billion. After the Clubhouse app was launched last year, it has drawn two million users around the world and is reportedly worth $1 billion.2.4 million downloads have been recorded globally on Apple’s App Store. Nearly 1.3 million of those downloads happened in January alone, reports US publication AdWeek, based on Sensor Tower data.

While the app is currently available on Apple iOS users, it has recorded more than 8,000 downloads last month in India. According to app analytics firm Sensor Tower, a total of 12,000 Clubhouse downloads has been recorded in India.

Snapdeal’s co-founder and angel investor Kunal Bahl, who recently appeared as a guest on a Clubhouse session said to Economic Times, “‘Let’s do a Clubhouse’ has become a phrase now, it means ‘let’s get together and talk’. It is a new space for knowledge and opinion consumption that has been created.”

Interestingly, not anyone can access the app; an exclusive invitation from an existing Clubhouse user can access the app. This helps to boost the aspirational quotient of the digital salon. While it is only available on the iOS platform, it will soon be available on the Android platform.

“’Let’s do a Clubhouse’ is becoming a phrase now, it means ‘let’s get together and talk’,” said Snapdeal’s co-founder and angel investor Kunal Bahl was quoted saying in a news report in Economic Times.  Bahl was recently a guest on a Clubhouse session. “It is a new space for knowledge and opinion consumption that has been created.”

Some business users have praised the format, as RazorPay’s co-founder Harshil Mathur believes it is suitable for ‘free-flowing discussions’. In fact the spontaneity of conversations and the authentic nature of discussions make Clubhouse tick, significantly as the pandemic curtails in-person meetings.

One of the reasons why Clubhouse has gained so much attention is that it’s exclusive. Clubhouse also offers a new way to humanize your business to others. The voice-note aspect of Clubhouse reportedly makes interactions on the platform feel more personal. “You don’t have to worry about eye contact, what you’re wearing or where you are,” said the Clubhouse website.

However, you can only join Clubhouse after being invited by another member. iPhone users can download Clubhouse and reserve a username, but you won’t be able to access any virtual rooms until you’ve received a unique invite link. From that sense, it is a secured app. However, the app has had some early issues moderating content.

Nonetheless, its potential can be immense. Beyond coaching and mentorship potential, CXOs can also use it to become a thought leader. As more people slowly receive invites to join, it will pay off big to have spent time positioning yourself as an expert and start gaining followers early.

Clubhouse recently announced the development of an influencer program, its invite-only “Creator Pilot Program”. This program is only open to 40 top users on Clubhouse but shows promise for businesses who may wish to tap the talents of high-follower-count users in the future. It’s worth keeping an eye on this program as the platform expands and starts to offer ways to monetize or market your business more overtly.

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