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Bad actors are exploiting known vulnerabilities in critical SAP applications

“A recent advisory from CISA warns that unpatched or misconfigured SAP systems are actively being targeted by threat actors. SAP software is used by organisations to manage critical business functions and often used to store sensitive data. By leveraging known unpatched vulnerabilities, attackers can disrupt critical processes, steal financial or otherwise sensitive data, or deploy malicious code which can lead to a major impact on affected organisations.

Over the last year, we have continued to see reports from U.S. Government agencies warning of the threat of unpatched software and known vulnerabilities being targeted by threat actors.

Despite patches being available for months and even years, attackers are still finding and exploiting unpatched SAP systems. This serves as a reminder to administrators of sensitive data and applications that applying patches, migitations, or workarounds are paramount to thwarting malicious actors looking to exploit well known vulnerabilities.” — Scott Caveza, Research Engineering Manager, Tenable.

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