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Data is the new perimeter”, says Harsh Marwah at the CII Webinar sponsored by iValue InfoSolutions

Reinforcing their commitment towards information security and management as a core focus, iValue InfoSolutions recently organized a webinar in association with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on ‘How to stay Cyber-Secure while Working from Home’. The webinar was joined by Dr. Pavan Duggal, Cyber Expert and Senior Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India, Mr. Harsh Marwah, Chief Growth Officer at iValue InfoSolutions, Mr. Anyesh Roy, DCP Cyber Cell- Delhi Police and Mr. Bharat Panchal, Chief Risk Officer at FIS.
The panelist discussed the fundamental issues in cybersecurity and how employees are increasingly becoming victims of rampant cyber-attacks while working from home. The brief discussion revolved around the massive jump in cyber-criminal activities as well as the challenges and solutions for employees working from home.
“These are unprecedented times where a new world order is coming into place. After the pandemic, we enter a new age where the ground reality is different with different rules of engagement. Cybersecurity will become a way of life for all stakeholders. We are expecting many litigations after the COVID pandemic and there will be serious cyber legal ramifications for organizations to handle. Network service providers will become the intermediaries, and will be mandated to exercise diligence in daily proceedings. Employees and corporates will be required to consider the Corporate risk aspect, legal and policy consideration, civil- criminal- legal liability before restructuring cyber-security norm,” said Dr. Pavan DuggalCyber Expert, and Senior Lawyer at Supreme court of India
The threat landscape is evolving as infrastructure, applications and now users have got liberated working from home. Adversaries are agile, well-coordinated, competent, and with an inherent asymmetric advantage over us. Our first line of defense, people are weak as we fall prey to Phishing campaigns in less than the average time of 82 seconds. Traditional Perimeter based on Castle and moat model has diminished, and data has become the new perimeter. Work from Home Enterprises needs renewed architecture based on “Cloud Security Platform”, adhering to Zero Trust model, Capability to minimize threat surface with strong threat mitigation stack, Support for effective Authentication, Scale, performance, and ease of deployment.,” said Harsh MarwahChief Growth Officer at iValue InfoSolutions.
COVID has brought in yet another milestone in digital transformation. MSMEs and Startups have become the new target for hackers. A single mistake can have serious ramifications in the future. It is high time for industries to collaborate towards bringing out a secure and sustained platform to face data breaches head-on.
Companies should think about ramping up the security aspects especially for employees working from home. The best way is to bridge users and applications securely with visibility becoming the key. It’s the company’s duty to secure the server and the network as the employee’s duty to follow the norms with diligence. Zero Trust begins from home in terms of all activities being done at home, may it be working or social networking. By reducing the threat surface and adopting the security postures defined by the enterprises, employees can maintain business continuity securely.
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