Press Release’s Augmento platform becomes India’s First US FDA-Cleared AI-Powered Radiology Workflow Management Solution, driving Innovation in Healthcare, a leading radiology AI company, has made a significant breakthrough with its AI-powered Radiology Workflow Management Solution, Augmento. This platform has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical use, making it a reliable choice for healthcare providers around the world.

The Indian Radiological and Imaging Association has released a report indicating a critical shortage of radiologists in the country. The ratio of radiologists to population is only one per 100,000 people, which is significantly lower than the World Health Organization’s recommended standard of one radiologist per 10,000 people. This issue of radiologist shortage is not confined to developing countries such as India; even developed countries such as the UK, Japan, and Singapore are grappling with this problem. This shortfall has a notable impact on the ability to diagnose patients accurately and in a timely manner, resulting in delayed treatments, higher expenses, and poor health outcomes.’s AI-Powered Augmento platform addresses this issue by bringing in AI in a seamless and in a responsible way to revolutionize radiology workflows and transform productivity, quality, and patient care. Augmento is currently servicing 350+ hospitals and imaging centers across India touching about 60,000 lives every month. Outside India, it is deployed across several countries in the APAC region. The Singapore government as a part of its National AI strategy has been adopting the Augmento platform in key hospitals.

Dr. Amit Kharat, Co-Founder and CEO of expressed his thoughts saying “The US FDA clearance is a big shot in our arm . It enables us to take our offering to the USA – which is the largest global healthcare market. At DeepTek our vision is to revolutionize Radiology with the power of AI and make it more affordable, accessible, and accurate.”

“AI in healthcare is in a very early phase. AI results are still opaque / black box in nature and hence doctors are not quite comfortable relying on them. ‘Responsible AI’ addresses these issues and brings techniques to enable building trust between the Doctors and the AI results. DeepTek has been working at the forefront of this technology” said Ashutosh Pathak, Chief Technology Officer of

With the increasing demand and pressure on the radiology department, hospitals, and healthcare providers need to adopt innovative technology like Augmento to manage their radiology workflow efficiently. Overall, Augmento’s FDA clearance represents a major milestone for the healthcare industry, opening up new opportunities for innovation and improved patient care.


Incorporated in the U.S. in 2017, is amongst very few Radiology AI start-ups, which has successfully established commercial adoption of AI technology in clinical practice–creating clear and quantifiable value for patients, hospitals, and radiologists. Our vision is to provide cutting-edge solutions powered by deep learning algorithms that will bridge the wide gap in the imaging sector.’s offerings touch several lives across India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, and several other countries. has a team of 200+ members with a unique mix of technology experts and radiologists and is supported by marquee equity partners like TATA Capital Healthcare Fund II and NTT DATA. For more information, visit

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