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ESET Celebrates the fifth anniversary of No More Ransom


ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, celebrates the fifth anniversary of No More Ransom – a joint initiative started in 2016 by law enforcement and IT security companies to help victims of ransomware restore their files.

Having joined the initiative in 2018, ESET has offered five of its ransomware-related tools to the public, which have already helped over 25,000 people. Every year, ESET technologies detect millions of instances of attacks resulting in ransomware. ESET’s brute-force attack protection technology has been a very successful protective mechanism, which between January 2020 and April 2021, effectively detected and blocked around 55 billion attack attempts on close to 1 million of ESET’s clients. Furthermore, over 300,000 internet users downloaded one of ESET’s publicly available ransomware remediation tools.

Since its inception, the No More Ransom repository of decryptors has helped more than six million people to recover their files for free. This has prevented criminals from earning almost a billion euros through ransomware attacks. Currently offering 121 free tools able to decrypt 151 ransomware families, it unites 170 partners from the public and private sector. The portal is available in 37 languages. And a new No More Ransom website is available, with a more modern and user-friendly experience, updated information on ransomware, as well as advice on how to prevent a ransomware infection.

For more information about ransomware and how to fight it see ESET’s white paper on the subject and for more information on ESET solutions see the website.

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