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Fitness Technology Startup Portl Launches Made-In-India AI Smart Fitness Mirror

Portl, a fitness technology startup has today announced the launch of  its revolutionary Smart Mirror-based personalized fitness & wellness device. The life-size interactive fitness mirror embedded with biosensors, HD Cameras, and edge AI processing with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, will now be readily available to the local fitness-conscious visitors exclusively in Delhi-NCR.


The Portl Studio provides Personalized On-Demand and Live Classes across 16 workout formats and goes beyond fitness by focusing on holistic health improvement with nutrition recommendations, mental wellness services and caters to the needs of a wider audience and not just for the fitness enthusiast.The smart sensors correct a user’s form and posture in real-time while they perform exercises in front of the mirror. 


Each individual’s programs are personalized for their needs and takes into account their existing health conditions, and preferences, that ensure highly relevant and engaging content from Portl’s World-class instructors. Overall, the Smart Mirror provides a high degree of personalization, form-analysis and feedback, a variety of workout choices, performance tracking, time flexibility and affordability to consumers.


On the Launch, Mr. Indraneel Gupta, Co-Founder, Portl said, “As a major fitness & sports enthusiast, I have always believed in revolution. Pandemic changed the dynamics of health fitness for everyone, and that enabled us to think on the lines of something that fits all and has no logistics issues. This AI based Smart mirror is a tech-enabled fitness solution that will fit everyone’s health needs. We plan to bring the best of sports and fitness technology to the Indian market, and build upon the foundation of customer care that Lodhi Sports is known for ”. 

Indraneel along with his co-founders, Vishal Chandapeta and Armaan Kandhari started Portl in late 2020 with the aim of solving the pain points of Fitness & Wellness personalisation at scale and creating a holistic health solution for end-users. His vision for Portl is to make it a personalized health, fitness and lifestyle companion for everyone via its range of hardware products, software and services. 


Portl is a technology company based out of Hyderabad, India that designs and manufactures the proprietary Portl range of Smart Mirror devices that essentially work as a personalized and on-demand fitness trainer, digital health, and wellness companion. The company aims to create affordable access to high-quality and personalized fitness and wellness, by leveraging cutting-edge AI for Exercise Form-feedback and end-to-end program personalization. The Portl Studio is the flagship product of the Portl ecosystem and is available across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, before expanding to other cities. While Portl’s current offerings are within the Fitness, Health Monitoring and Wellness sector, the long-term applications are extending into Healthcare, Fashion and Lifestyle via its Smart Mirror platform and associated products.


About CXO’s:

About the Co-Founder, Portl: A former pro-cricketer turned techie, Indraneel Gupta has 9+ years of experience in hardware design and development, 3D imaging, computer vision and software development. A serial entrepreneur, he started his first venture in the additive manufacturing space helping companies and government R&D establishments in India with the integration of 3D printing technology. 

About the Co-Founder: As the COO & Co-Founder of Portl, Armaan brings several years of expertise in scaling operations for faster & more efficient growth. He is a builder by heart and has helped several companies scale and grow over the last 10 years. He comes with a degree in Business Management and started his career off with Zomato as a Sales & Marketing Manager post which he moved on to a couple of other start-ups before starting his journey with Uber where he spent the last 7 years building Uber’s Driver Operations. His last stint was Heading Operations – Driver Payments & Referrals Growth for India & South Asia. He is also a major fitness & sports enthusiast and has been an avid cross fitter over the years and hence a tech-enabled fitness solution was something that fits right up his alley.

About the Co-Founder: Vishal Chandapeta is a techie with over 10 years of experience in ground breaking technologies. Having started out his career as a Microchip designer he quickly entered the entrepreneurial space with his first venture which was in 3d scanning and drones. His journey has taken him across several domains from Fashion, to Manufacturing, to Health and Wellness.

He is Passionate about the environment and is an adventure enthusiast, having gone Trekking across glaciers, to scuba diving with great white sharks, he is always looking to push his own boundaries.

About Lodhi Sports: A mere toy shop that was founded over 50 years ago by Ravi Jain, Lodhi Sports is today an unbeatable sports and fitness retail brand in Delhi and NCR today. With the highest quality equipment, a vast array of styles, friendly services and affordable prices, Lodhi Sports has 5 stores in Delhi and NCR serving thousands of loyal sports and fitness enthusiasts to change their goals into reality. Their products are also available online at

About the CEO: Shasti Jain, CEO of Lodhi Sports, joined the business in 2015. Armed with a Math degree, she views the family business as a Venn diagram, and her sole aim is to find the perfect intersection of old school values and modern innovation. Shasti plans to bring the best of sports and fitness technology to the Indian market, and build upon the foundation of customer care that Lodhi Sports is known for. An avid sports fan, this is her dream industry, and she wants to be at the forefront of growth and change in fitness in India.

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