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Hamdard signs agreement with Reliance MET City to build Hamdard Food Park Cluster (HFPC) at Jhajjar, Haryana

Model Economic Township Limited (MET City), a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is developing a world class Greenfield Smart city near Gurugram, Haryana. MET City is happy to announce signing of definitive agreement with Hamdard Group for setting up a world class manufacturing facility at the city.

Hamdard is envisaging to develop its Hamdard Food Park Cluster (HFPC) to manufacture some of its core Foods categories on approximately 10 acres of land at MET City. They are planning to spend about Rs.100 to 150 Crores in the first phase development of its manufacturing facilities.

The project includes: –

  1. Honey processing plant and similar product manufacturing facilities
  2. Spices manufacturing plant for various pure, whole and blended spices under the brand of “Hamdard Khaalis” spices.
  3. Edible oil processing and filling facilities for the oils like Mustard Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil & Soya Oil etc.
  4. Extruded products processing and manufacturing facilities for Vermicelli, Soya Chunks like products.
  5. Beverages filling and packing for the products like Dairy drinks, Still Juices, Carbonated drinks.

Mr. Hamid Ahmed, CEO, Hamdard Foods, said, “Growth comes by bringing around world class manufacturing technologies to give world class products to the customer. Having this thought in mind Hamdard Foods selected Reliance MET City, Jhajjar, Haryana for developing its manufacturing facilities in the next 1 to 2 years as it provided not only a very good location to be within NCR but also a place having world class industrial infrastructure.”

Mr. SV. Goyal, CEO & WTD, MET City, said, “We are very happy to have Hamdard Group, one of the iconic brands of India, as a part of MET City. MET City project is not only one of the fastest growing Greenfield Smart City but also an address for global companies. With its Plug-n-Play infrastructure and companies from 7 countries, MET City today is a leading business city in attracting more companies from diverse sectors. Met City is a pioneer project in sustainable development with over 9000 Crore investment already committed. Today it has licenses for 1903 acres and more than 25,000 people are already working at the project. Hamdard Group as an addition in the global brand lists of Reliance MET City, is a perfect match of world class infrastructure meeting world class consumer product brand.”

Mr. Vaibhav Mittal, Head Business Development, MET City, said, “Hamdard Group will be a force multiplier for MET City in its journey of becoming a global destination for investments in India. With 400+ customers, MET City is on its way of becoming a platform for not only established large companies but also for SME companies. In this project Hamdard Group will not only manufacture world-class products but will bring global manufacturing best practices to MET City as well as help in generating more investments through vendor development and employment generation.”


About Model Economic Township Limited (METL)

MET City (METL) is a 100% subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, which is developing a world class Greenfield Smart city on over 8,000 acres’ land in the district of Jhajjar near Gurugram in the state of Haryana. More than 400 companies including some of the best national and international corporates have set up their bases in MET City due to world – class plug-n-play infrastructure at the township and its strategic location with excellent connectivity to the NCR region. The project has already seen completion of trunk infrastructure comprising of power infrastructure including 220 KV substation developed by MET City, Water treatment plant, water distribution network, wide road network and extensive landscaping. It is already adding lot of momentum to the economic development of state and region with more than 25000 people currently employed in the 22 operational and 42 under construction companies.



About Hamdard Group

Hamdard is an iconic institution, with heritage brands like RoohAfza. Hamdard, meaning ‘companion in suffering’ was started as a small clinic in undivided India in the year 1906 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed. Hamdard grew into a household name under the noble vision of renowned Unani physician Hakeem Abdul Hameed, who transformed it into a multi-dimensional and internationally respected organization. Today Hamdard has become a unique model of business, which extends its charity work and education services under the aegis of Hamdard National Foundation (HECA). Hamdard is also a responsible business. A significant chunk of our profit is used for CSR activities. Mr. Hammad Ahmed, Chief Mutawalli (Chief Trustee) is steering the relevance of Hamdard, to which vigour and vitality is provided by the fourth generation of Hamdard Family.

Hamdard is known for the huge trust that it evokes in consumers’ minds, and of course, RoohAfza introduced in 1907 has become synonymous with Hamdard. It is the favourite drink of millions, and is aptly called The Drink of India”. An icon in itself, it stands tall in the food category as a proud Indian brand that withstood the test of time for over a century. The mother brand and its extensions ensure that there is a RoohAfza offering for every age, demographic or cultural profile that may want a RoohAfza experience. Hamdard Laboratories India-Foods is now expanding its product portfolio by introducing new products and formats, extending its popular brand into newer segments. RoohAfza is ubiquitous in every Indian household, and enjoys tremendous brand love, represented in the form of a myriad recipes and innovations. Extensions of RoohAfza, i.e. RoohAfza Fusion, RoohAfza Milkshake, RoohAfza Lassi and RoohAfza LITE (Sugar Free) have been launched. Hamdard Honey, Hamdard Nariyal Paani, Hamdard Glucose-D, Hamdard Olive Oil, and Hamdard Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil are all part of our offering to Hamdard consumers and have received widespread acceptance. The latest addition to the offering is the range of Hamdard KHAALIS SPICES with an assortment of pure, whole & blended spices manufactured at our Manesar plant.

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