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Hyperautomation Toolkit Preferred in The Near Future: A Global Survey Report by Vuram

The survey reveals that organizations are keen on embracing technologies like low-code, RPA, and reporting tools as part of their automation journey


The current pandemic has urged businesses to incorporate technologies to modify their operations and thrive in the market. Consequently, automation—specifically hyperautomation—has forayed into businesses. Hyperautomation seamlessly blends several technologies to automate end-to-end processes across organizations.

Vuram, one of the leading hyperautomation service providers specializing in low-code enterprise automation, conducted a survey of all of its customers to understand how automation has been gaining prominence and is emerging to be an integral component of their business strategies.

For this survey conducted at the global level, Vuram reached out to professionals across industries including healthcare, finance, and insurance. Via this survey, the firm also deep-dived into the customers’ psyche and their preference towards various technologies in the hyperautomation toolkit.

Boopathy Rajendran, Senior Vice President, Delivery and Services, Vuram said, “The current pandemic has accelerated a huge demand for a faster response and quicker access to new product releases from organizations looking at acquiring and retaining customers. Legacy modernization and digital transformation will be key areas of priority. This is where Hyperautomation tool kits are going to be really useful to automate end-to-end and faster using low-code technologies. This survey highlights where organizations are today and how hyperautomation can help them achieve the results sooner and to catch up with their competitors and go-to-markets faster.”

Key findings

The survey report by Vuram states the opinion of the professionals about the hyperautomation technologies, the use cases they would be keen to experiment with, evaluation of the AI providers, cloud strategy along with preferred tools for RPA, low-code, process mining, OCR, ETL, and Reporting.

  • All of Vuram’s customers who were using Appian preferred to continue using the platform for the next 6 months.
  • 86% of the professionals shared that they would opt for Natural Language Processing as the use case within AI within the next six months
  • Amongst RPA platforms that the respondents are currently using or planning to use within the next six months, Appian RPA and UiPath were preferred by 55% of respondents. 45% of the survey participants chose Blue Prism.
  • 67% of respondents share that they are either using or are planning to use Power BI as the reporting platform. The next preferred platform in the list is Tableau.
  • When asked about the importance of automation initiatives for their organizations, 73% stated that modernization initiatives have already been approved and are in progress.
  • 61% of respondents stated, “Cloud first but on-premise where cloud is not feasible”. Only 8% preferred “On-premise first, but Cloud where on-premise is not feasible”.

Businesses need to adapt to the changing market conditions and also to have a competitive edge in the industry. For businesses that have already embarked on an automation journey, hyperautomation is the next logical step. Successful implementation of hyperautomation involves a robust foundation, in-depth analysis of the business processes, identifying the right technologies that suit the business environment. The need of the hour is to have the right industry experts—with expertise on several advanced and complementary technologies—that would guide businesses to seamlessly advance in their path of digital transformation and realize outcomes. This is where hyperautomation service providers, like Vuram, step into the picture and will be playing a pivotal role in enabling organizations undergoing digital transformation in the truest sense!

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