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Kapture CX appoints Garima Rai as the VP of Marketing

Kapture CX, the SaaS-based Customer Experience platform, has appointed Garima Rai as the new VP of Marketing.

A customer-focused business strategist, Garima has mastered the art of utilizing data and analytics to drive informed marketing decisions and deliver tangible business outcomes. Her belief in the adage ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ resonates with her commitment to product-led growth. Her collaborative spirit shines through her history of partnering with business heads and product managers across diverse verticals and geographies for the successful launch of several market-leading products and solutions. Her expertise lies in assessing market potential, devising new market entry strategies, defining precise customer profiles and buyer personas, and shaping product roadmaps, to ultimately drive business growth.


Commenting on her appointment, Sheshgiri Kamath, CEO & Co-founder, Kapture CX, said, “Vikas and I are excited to welcome Garima to the team and the rocketship that is Kapture. Garima arrives with an impressive 14-year journey as a seasoned marketer within the B2B software industry. Her wealth of experience and insights make her a valuable asset to our team, and we are genuinely excited to have her join us. This is a step in the right direction for both of us as we look forward to scaling Kapture together in the coming years.”


Before joining the Kapture CX, Garima made significant contributions as a Director of Marketing at ClearTrail Technologies, where her efforts played a pivotal role in establishing market presence for Klera – a no-code data analytics and process automation platform. Now, she is poised to embark on this exciting new chapter with Kapture. Garima’s educational background includes a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from INSEAD, a testament to her dedication to continuous growth.


Commenting on the same,Garima Rai, VP of Marketing, Kapture CX, said, “I’m truly excited to join Kapture, a company with a remarkable track record of success and growth. I’m committed to building a marketing organization that is enrolled in the company’s strategic vision, and taking this extraordinary journey to even greater heights.”

About the company-

Kapture is a renowned SaaS-based Customer Support Automation platform that deeply focuses on customer support and enables personal customer interactions. Founded in 2014, Kapture brings a customer profiling and segmentation tool that lets the user collect and segregate all prospect interactions on a single platform. This enables them to understand and profile their customers for a more real experience. Its AI engine integrated with Generative AI capabilities can summarize long communication threads with customers to give agents proper context about the issue, freeing customers from explaining themselves and saving agents from going through the entire communication history to get the context. Recently they raised Series A $4 million from Cactus Venture Partners.

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