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Magneto solutions partnering major corporates and business houses to combat the spread of airborne COVID-19

Jindal Group, French International School (Delhi), IFFCO, EESL, Medanta Hospital,  Taj group of hotels and Godrej Air residential complex


As scientists around the world based on various research studies have found out that coronavirus is airborne, and the subsequent acknowledgement by the World Health Organization (WHO), the safety of public places, hotels and all kinds of indoor establishments is an important question. With conventional knowledge on the infection spread still being limited, the use of finite means of surface sanitization, hand sanitization and covering your face in a mask are perhaps not enough. For a thorough protection against the novel coronavirus, it is becoming clear that sanitizing the air we are breathing is critical. It is now more important than ever to keep indoor air rid of all kinds of virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms, as schools, workplaces, hotels, shopping malls and other public places open up.

There is considerable literature in the public domain pointing out the ineffectiveness of air conditioning systems in tackling the health hazards caused by indoor air pollution. International associations such as ASHRAE and EUROVENT have issued guidelines and recommendations regarding the adoption of high efficiency ISO-certified central air filtration systems equipped with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology for protection against coronavirus. High-efficiency air purification systems can actively trap and kill harmful bacteria, viruses and all other pollutants from the indoor air with over 90% efficiency, ensuring no further proliferation of these pollutants, and providing healthy air to breathe for the building occupants. These high efficiency air purification systems even eliminate the SARS-CoV2 category of viruses (where coronavirus belongs) with over 90% efficiency.

At Magneto CleanTech, the commercial air purification systems were designed keeping these challenges in perspective. Magneto solutions offered during the lockdown, to major corporations and business houses like Jindal Group, French International School (Delhi), IFFCO, EESL and Medanta Hospital in the country are already in use and producing optimal results in mitigating the risks related to the spread of deadly viruses and harmful microorganisms. Magneto Clean Tech’s expansion plans in the advent of the current crisis focus on delivering solutions across industries, while bringing the latest innovations in the technology to the forefront, making it cost-effective and accessible for the Indian industryMagneto Central Air Cleaner (MCAC) comes with internationally patented three-stage ‘Trap & Kill’ and filter-less magnetic technology, which eliminates particulate matter and harmful germs with over 90% efficiency.

The latest version is powered with UVGI technology, trapping particles with sizes up to 0.1 microns, smaller even than the COVID-19 virus size. MCACcommercial central air purification systems were customized as per the requirements of premium customers such as Taj group of hotels and Godrej Air residential complex well before the pandemic and the results have been studied to significantly impact the Indoor air quality. A healthy indoor air quality does not just protect people from harmful viruses, but also improves their productivity, reduced health issues and protects expensive assets indoors. The young country that India is, air purification should be a top priority for everyone in order to provide a healthier, happier life to the next generation.

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