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Over 500 women employees benefitted under Altimetrik Women’s Initiative for Networking Growth and Success (WINGS) Initiative

  • India GPTW ranking shows steady growth from 91 in 2017 to 36 in 2021
  • Current ratio – 24.78% female to 75.18% male
  • 552 women were hired in the last 12 months (2038 Total Hires)


Altimetrik a U.S.-based, digital business enablement company continues to be a game changer in hiring and helping women grow within its organization.

The company has several diversity initiatives to recognize, cultivate talent and create an empowering culture for women employees. Nurturing this culture of innovation and empowerment has allowed Altimetrik to grow and consistently improve its GPTW India rankings over six years, from 91st to 36th best place to work in 2021.

Its pivotal initiatives, such as providing resources, networking opportunities and support

groups to help women stay focused on their careers, bringing women-specific issues to the foreground and addressing them to enable and empower, have awarded the company Best Workplaces for Women 2021 by Economic Times.

“Altimetrik is proud of its women power. Our Women’s Initiative for Networking Growth and Success (WINGS) program which was launched on the International Women’s Day represents our commitment to attract women talent, nurture leaders and create inclusive workplaces,” says Ranga Kanapathy, Head of India Technology Center, Altimetrik.

“In the last one year, we have been able to strengthen our women force by hiring over 500 professionals in the various departments of Altimetrik taking our women ratio to 24.78%. We intend to work towards narrowing the men to women ratio further in the coming years”, added Mr. Kanapathy.

The company through its ‘Rebound – Back to Work program,’ rehired 13 women who had been on a career break between 6 months and 3 years.

Over 500 of India’s women employees and leaders have so far benefitted through the various activities initiated via WINGS, that covered programs on financial literacy, Impostor Syndrome, managing stress while working from home amongst others. This included learning series with external coaches and aspire series by interacting with fellow women.

“WINGS program aims to deliver growth through diversity, overcome unconscious bias and create a truly gender-neutral culture that supports growth and leadership for all. Our commitment to enroll 80% of potential resources into full-time roles through diversity initiatives and to engage with multiple diversity partners that boost the inclusion agenda, continues to grow,” said Krishna Muniramaiah, Head HR – APAC, Altimetrik.

Aparna Prabhu, Manager; Program Management shares “Working at Altimetrik has been a great learning experience. While getting hired at Altimetrik was fantastic, I was worried about balancing my responsibilities at work and at home. But the work culture and ethics here have changed my fears to joy.”

“Diversity here is an integral part. WINGS has provided a safe space for women to be heard. I can now network and learn from fellow women professionals which is a huge value. I feel appreciated, respected and included in Altimetrik”, adds Aparna.

Globally, Altimetrik is GPTW certified across US and Uruguay other than India. In the recent survey, Uruguay was ranked #9 Great Place to Work amongst notable companies like Mercado Libre, McDonalds, Direct TV, Oracle NetSuite etc.


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