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Pocket Aces Announces A Renewed Mission Statement

~Through this renewed mission, the company strives to utilize its massive reach to influence people positively~

Link to the new mission statement video

Pocket Aces, India’s leading digital entertainment company, has announced its new mission statement, which doubles down on its responsible and progressive content strategy, with an aim to contribute in shaping the youth for a better future for India and the world.

Pocket Aces’ new mission statement is ‘To be a global culture creator that influences people positively, by building an ecosystem of innovative media professionals, content, and products.’

In the 7 years since they released their first piece of content, Pocket Aces has been committed to creating relatable and powerful stories backed by a strong network of channels, creators, talent and work culture. Dice Media and FilterCopy have been creating content for the youth highlighting important topics such as mental health, body positivity, LGBTQIA, fair-skin bias, women empowerment, food security, normalizing divorce, and freedom of choice in both relationships and jobs. Their talent management arm Clout has built a new class of positive youth icons with its roster of 125+ exclusive influencers from diverse backgrounds. Their food channel Gobble launched environment and health friendly stainless-steel cookware built for young consumers last year. The company’s newest channel Nutshell is catering to topics including health, sex-ed, technology, finance, and India pride to educate millions of viewers in formats they find easiest to consume.

The new mission statement makes this positive content strategy deliberate. Commenting on the strategic move, Aditi Shrivastava, Co-Founder & CEO, Pocket Aces said, “In 2018, we had pivoted our mission to the very popular “Solving Boredom”. And I’m proud that today, with the vast amount of content being created across platforms and formats by us and various players in the ecosystem, we can safely say that we have together achieved that goal! So, for the past few months at Pocket Aces, we have been looking for a renewed purpose as a team. We have huge power as a company reaching 50 million people weekly and clocking ~1 billion video views every month. So, with everything going on in our country and the world at large today, we felt that we want to strengthen the responsibility that we have towards our audiences. We sincerely believe that it is possible to do well while doing good, and that is how this new mission was born.”

Pocket Aces has an exciting slate of content and products coming up that will deeply reflect this renewed mission. For example, Dice Media’s latest show Staffroom, while being a dramedy about teachers, sensitively covers topics such as the low pay grades in the profession. The company’s mission is not only reflected in their content and products, but also in the company culture of 150+ media professionals, rewarding excellence, integrity, inclusivity and an audience-driven mindset among other tenets.

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