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Pure Storage India hosts Hackathon for Cloud-native App Developers in Bangalore

Team showcasing their presented at Pure Storage Hackathon

Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, recently organized a hackathon for cloud-native app developers at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore. The hackathon was aimed to allow the developers to compete against each other to build the most robust and agile cloud-native applications. It provided an opportunity to over five teams of developers in the hackathon.

The teams were given different challenges related to running stateful applications in Kubernetes. Today as organizations are going through app-modernization and multi-cloud adoption, Kubernetes is the de-facto choice to host and run applications. However, data loss protection and fast recovery for even complex distributed applications in a multi-cloud environment is easier said than done.

The challenges given were:

Performance consistency – How to have consistence performance as a cluster change, e.g., more nodes.  Local High Availability – How to recover quickly independently of the volume attachment.  Disaster Recovery – How to ensure data is replicated between two clusters in an application- consistent manner; and Backup & Restore – In a highly dynamic Kubernetes environment, how do you ensure that the state of PV and the applications state are consistent?

Team Walmart was declared the winner of the Hackathon, as they tackled a real-life problem where organizations spend massive amounts of time and effort to perform their disaster recovery drills as part of their business continuity plans. The winners were presented with latest gadgets by Ramanujan Komanduri, Country Manager, India, Pure Storage. The winning team came up with the solution built on the Portworx® platform to execute a disaster recovery fail-over and fail-back for distributed applications in a cloud environment where they demonstrated a massive reduction in time and effort. More importantly, they showcased the simplicity and reliability of a disaster recovery solution with Portworx.

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