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Safehouse Expands Cyber-Security Solutions with New Browser Extension Launch

With this breakthrough browser extension, Safehouse extends unparalleled online security for their users’ laptops/PCs


Safehouse, an Indo-Israeli leading provider of cyber security solutions for consumers, has announced its foray into the PC security market with the introduction of its latest Bodyguard PC/Mac browser extension. With this innovative solution, Safehouse aims to revolutionize online security and protect users’ digital activities, ensuring unparalleled data privacy and security.

Safehouse, trusted by millions in India to secure their smartphones, is an intuitive companion for staying safe and maintaining privacy online, making it easy for its users to monitor, control, protect and improve their digital life. With the introduction of the Browser Extension, Safehouse takes a significant step forward in its mission to protect users across multiple platforms, further reinforcing its commitment to online security.

This browser extension, which will work with any Chromium-based browser, employs an AI suite of advanced security features designed to combat evolving online threats in order to empower users with enhanced control over their digital footprint, preventing unauthorized tracking, malicious adware, phishing, and alerting the users on new data breaches. By blocking harmful websites in real-time, the extension ensures a secure browsing experience for the users.

Talking about the new launch, Aditya Narang, Co-Founder & CBO, Safehouse, said, “We are excited to introduce the Safehouse Bodyguard PC/MAC browser extension, a proactive solution to block threats in real-time before they can infect the device. Our extension leverages advanced AI technology and unique features to provide comprehensive protection and a faster browsing experience. It’s our mission to make it easy and accessible for everyone to monitor, control and protect their identity online. With Safehouse, our users are web-wise, effortlessly leading private and safe, connected lives. “


Distinguished from traditional antivirus technologies that merely clean infected PCs and laptops once the virus has entered, the Safehouse browser extension takes a proactive approach by preventing threats from infiltrating in the first place.

The newly launched Safehouse Bodyguard PC/MAC uses AI technologies to identify malicious websites and DNS requests and blocks them before the connection can be made. It also enables users to safeguard their camera and microphone by controlling permissions taken by various websites and revoking unnecessary ones. The extension comes with complimentary Cyber Insurance cover against any unauthorized digital theft worth Rs 25,000. Safehouse Bodyguard PC/MAC extension is  available across key LFRs across the country and can also be bought online.

About SafehouseFounded by Aditya Narang, Liad Herman, and Miri Yudovich, Safehouse is an Indo-Israeli cyber security company which is redefining cyber defense for consumers. Safehouse is an intuitive companion for staying safe and maintaining privacy online. In one app, Safehouse makes it easy to monitor, control, protect and improve your digital life so that you know your data is always private and identity secure. With Safehouse, our users are web-wise, effortlessly leading private and safe, connected lives.  Safehouse has secured more than 3 million Indian users, and has a robust distribution network of being present in 5000 electronic retail stores in 800+ cities.

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