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Spectrum Talent Management reports a significant increase of 45% in freshers hiring in 2022 with IT  and E- commerce topping the chart 

Spectrum Talent Management, a one-stop solution for global-local human talent management, reported a positive inclination towards freshers hiring amongst Indian corporates. Compared to last year, there has been an increase of 40%-45% in freshers hiring.

There are varied reasons for such an upward hiring trend for freshers. As freshers generally come on board with a newer outlook towards exposure and opportunities, it is easier to train them as per the goals and requirements of the company. Also, hiring quality freshers helps to create a ready pipeline for future industry demands as tomorrow’s laterals.

Though every industry is hiring freshers, the IT and Ecommerce players are leading recruitment with the maximum number of freshers hiring. Over the coming quarter, it shall be up by a spike of 15% as compared to the first half of the year. Students with B.Tech/B.E. degrees easily take over 35%-40% of the hiring pie. Besides educational background, employers are also looking at candidates with proven soft skills. A candidate with better soft skills is expected to win the race as compared to others, even if it means a certain amount of compromise for domain knowledge.

Sharing his insights on the current freshers hiring trend, Sidharth Agarwal, Director, Spectrum Talent Management further added, “Hiring freshers has been a constant norm over the years. The only change has been the proportion of hiring for freshers over the years. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it has significantly increased. The fact that freshers can be easily moulded and trained helps the company have the groundwork done per their needs. With many immediate advantages a fresher brings to the table, we can expect freshers hiring to go up for the next quarter too”.

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Spectrum Talent Management is a one-stop solution for all local human talent management needs, globally. Committed to establishing and encouraging best-in-industry practices, the leading multinational talent management organisation that offers exhaustive talent management services, from finding talent to managing it. Established in 2008, Spectrum is the brainchild of MBA graduates Vidur Gupta and Sidharth Agarwal, who intended to tap and manage India’s most significant resource, its manpower. Since then, it has been striving to continuously evolve by effectively meeting various global organisations’ staffing and recruitment needs. Backed by a strong team of 14000+ members, Spectrum takes pride in offering customised solutions ranging from multi-country search & staffing, permanent recruitment, RPO, payroll management to staffing augmentation. It includes executing tailor-made solutions that are conceptualised in collaboration with prospective clients.

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