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Top 5 Apps that content creators are using in 2022

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India has witnessed a significant increase in content consumption in the recent couple of years. Accessibility of smartphones, affordable and widespread internet data availability in tier 2 & 3 cities, and the coronavirus outbreak are some of the major reasons for substantial growth across genres such as entertainment, gaming, news, and information.


For content creators and techies, the internet has opened up new prospects and revenue streams. As a result, the increased demand for creative content presents a huge monetization opportunity for content creators. But in order to earn big from their craft, creators need to stand out from the rest, considering the immense competition. Creative design, quirky fonts & texts, and thumbnails are needed for a content piece to catch the attention of users. This is why certain apps & platforms have become essential for creators nowadays.


We bring to you 5 essential apps for content creators in 2022:


1. Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use tool for designing graphics. The app has a wide range of free templates for creators and professionals. Canva is filled with thousands of social templates, such as customizable video templates, banner art, and thumbnail designs.

This tool allows you to create professional-looking designs within seconds, and you can collaborate with your team in real-time on any design, on any device, from any location.


2. Eloelo

Eloelo has become the latest hub for creators and Influencers who have the knack for socializing with their fans. The app offers some very unique features that set it apart from others on the list. Eloelo combines Live streaming with Social games that are very local to India, such as Tambola, Tol Mol Ke Bol, Dumbcharades, Antakshari, etc. All the live sessions on the app are in local Indian languages, and creators host from the comfort of their homes, recreating a TV-like experience digitally for their fans & followers. The app can serve those creators in particular who want to create a community around their content. Given that the future of entertainment is ‘Live’ & ‘Interactive’, indigenous entertainment combined with gaming is a great way for creators to connect with the audiences of Bharat. The app hosts more than 2 lakh live streams every month with a daily engagement time of 34 mins per user. The app recently crossed 4.5  million users within a span of a year, making the homegrown app one of the most popular ones amongst Indian youth.


3. MoneyApp

Money management is the biggest challenge faced by amateur and experienced content creators. With MoneyyApp, creators can solve all their money-related proceedings without needing an accountant. It provides a streamlined process of financial management for creators by displaying their earnings on one dashboard. Creators can monitor all payments with automated reminders. Whether it is income, expense, due dates, monthly financial calendar, or calculated tax amount, everything can be tracked on this one app. Creators can even file ITR or apply for GSTIN or PAN with a few easy steps and raise invoices as well. Whether you are creating content on Instagram, Moj, Josh, YouTube or Facebook, MoneyyApp is any creator’s go-to option for tracking and managing their past and upcoming earnings & expenses from multiple revenue streams.


4. Cosmofeed:

Building a sustainable community and monetization is a primary challenge, especially when you are on highly competitive platforms like Instagram and Youtube. With Cosmofeed, creators can produce, grow, engage and monetize communities with simple tools. From monetizing a free channel to paid channel, courses, subscriptions, etc, this hybrid platform supports all the innate problems of the creator workflow and distribution. Content creators in all segments especially finance, crypto, education, designing, storytelling, and filmmaking can create their community, organize workshops or events, sell courses and withdraw their earnings instantly. The best element of this app is that the creators are not charged for using the platform and contain zero commission payouts.


5. Instagram:

It is a photo and video sharing social networking site founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was later acquired by Facebook (Presently meta platforms). Instagram lets creators broadcast videos to the followers who have followed them on Instagram in real-time. Instagram is so popular that every creator uses their Instagram username more than their real name. Creators spent almost 4-5 hours to stay connected with other creators and their followers.

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