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Yugasa Bot Revolutionizes Conversational AI with Autonomous Code writing feature

YugasaBot, a pioneer in conversational AI solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a ground breaking feature in its framework. With this new feature, the framework has become capable to write software code on its own in the ‘Code Node’ of a conversational flow of the bot.


To develop an intelligent chatbot, using YugasaBot framework, the bot admin can design a conversation flow by connecting various dialogue nodes with each other. This creates a simple flow of communication that can happen between a human and the Chatbot, in a tree-like structure. The company earlier filed a patent which enabled the bot admin to put a code snippet into the Conversational flow in a drag and drop manner. With the help of that feature, anyone who knows basic scripting language can create custom chatbots of high complexity by writing code in the ‘Code Node’. Yugasa boasts of creating complex chatbots in considerably less time than its competitors by using Code Node Feature.


Founders of YugasaBot, Ashish and Vivek shared how Generative AI capabilities of YugasaBot will benefit their existing and upcoming customers. Our practice of continuous innovation and endeavoring our best to achieve customer satisfaction at all cost keeps us alive and kicking, said Ashish.


Furthermore he added , The team continued innovating and decided to use Generative AI for making Code Node more efficient and approachable for both admins. With the launch of their latest feature in the YugasaBot framework, the bot admin can now narrate the bot in simple plain English about the functionality which the bot should achieve through writing a custom code in ‘Code Node’. YugasaBot deploys Generative AI and writes code on its own to become intelligent around that particular aspect of the communication.


Insights about how the ‘Autonomous Code Writing Feature’ will help YugasaBot and its customers.


  1. No Code Platform: Yugasa Bot has transformed into a comprehensive no- code platform. Even non-technical administrators and managers can effectively manage code nodes within Conversational AI. By providing plain English instructions to YugasaBot, these users can autonomously generate code, enhancing the bot’s intelligence and capabilities.


  1. Accelerated Time-to-Market: Previously, the process of building a custom bot in YugasaBot framework would require approximately five weeks, primarily due to developers manually writing code nodes, which was still faster than building bots using other Chatbot platform. However, with YugasaBot’s autonomous code writing feature, the time required to develop an intelligent custom bot has been reduced to an impressive 3 to 3.5 weeks. This streamlined process enables businesses to achieve faster time-to-market, gaining a competitive edge in the industry.


By eliminating the need for developers to write code nodes, YugasaBot also reduces the cost associated with constructing a custom Chabot. Leveraging YugasaBot’s built-in architecture and advanced technology, businesses can now benefit from an even more cost-effective conversational AI solution. This accessibility empowers companies of all sizes, including small startups, to leverage the power of Chabot’s in their operations.


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A brief about the spokesperson:

Vivek Mittal is a Co-Founder and Director of Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd. Vivek has done his Masters in Computer Science with Machine Learning specialization from BITS Pilani and has 2 decades of industry experience. Before starting Yugasa in 2015, Vivek has worked in various multinational companies in different geographies of the world. He has an extensive experience of taking projects and products from idea stage to deployment stage at scale. Vivek has travelled to 12 countries for work and spearheaded the development of YugasaBot in 2019 as a flagship product of Yugasa Software Labs. YugasaBot is a conversational AI SaaS platform focused on the HealthCare domain.

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