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How Trend Micro Is Banking On Cyber security Innovation


The $120-billion cyber security market is expected to more than double over the next five years, compelling vendors and providers to innovate on the go across areas such as cloud, web applications and services, mobile and IoT security among other areas to protect the web from increasing cyber crimes. Companies such as Trend Micro believes that in this changing business landscape, digital is the way to go and are taking the digital route to security innovation.

 “With every company becoming a digital company, innovation is becoming the name of the game… and we have been driving phenomenal innovation in this space and we are doing that for the past many years,” Nilesh Jain, vice president, Southeast Asia and India, Trend Micro, told CXOToday, at the company’s recent Cloudsec India 2019 event in Mumbai.

A dose of innovation 

With the market flooded with new security products almost every other day, Jain said, the company is leaving no stones unturned to offer revolutionary cybersecurity solutions that go beyond traditional monitoring and detection systems, helping enterprises significantly mitigate and defend against future attacks. 

Needless to say, the company’s innovative strategies had paid off as well. Trend Micro has been named a Leader in every Gartner Magic Quadrant in the endpoint protection category since 2002 and believes this latest recognition proves how its strategy and performance continue to meet the evolving demands of global customers.

However, Jain believes that enterprise security cannot rely on endpoints alone and hence there is a need to constantly reinvent ourselves,” he explained. “Not only are IT infrastructures shifting to the cloud, but networks are extending to encompass operational technology (OT). We are developing innovative solutions and partnerships to capture the tremendous opportunity related to securing these critical, highly connected environments,” he added.

Take for example, the company’s latest product offering; the new launch of its managed detection and response (MDR) services – Trend Micro XDR – for the Indian enterprises is certainly a first of its kind. 

The Tokyo-based cybersecurity firm had introduced detection and response capabilities across email, network, endpoint, server and cloud workloads through its XDR feature, earlier this year. The new offering aims at enterprises with more comprehensive visibility on internal and external cyber threats, the company said in a statement.

The X in the firm’s XDR solution refers to the most extensive sets of data from more protection points, which is critical to find hidden threats thereby leading to more accurate and faster detection. The solution applies expert analytics to deep data sets collected from Trend Micro solutions across the enterprise to make faster connections to identify and stop attacks. In 2019 alone, Trend Micro has identified a high number of attacks that utilized lateral movement, with most bypassing the endpoint altogether which illustrates the need for centralized visibility.

“With threats becoming more complex, only looking at one piece of the puzzle cannot solve the problem. It takes collaboration, context, system intelligence and visualization to really solve modern security problems,” stated Jain.

Going the digital way

The company has invested a sizeable amount on digital initiatives over the years, being a pioneer in the adoption of cloud, big data, analytics, machine learning and incorporates these technologies in its security solutions. According to Jain, today customers are forced to adopt new technologies, and hence security and risk management become a critical part of any digital business initiative. The increased focus on privacy regulations such as GDPR further compels the need to address digital business risks, and that’s where we have seen a good momentum. 

The company has a strong partner portal updating regular information and updates to channel partners. By the end of this year, the company would come up with a mobile version of its partner portal, which he believes would make communication with partners more responsive and interactive.

Jain informed while digital platforms and social media form a key part of creating security awareness and to an extent customer support or grievance, a lot more can be explored in this area – to leverage it as an intelligent and scalable data analytics platform.

Trend Micro currently offers security solutions to verticals such as IT, telecom, BFSI, manufacturing and healthcare services. In India, the security provider focuses on advanced endpoint security, hybrid cloud security and network defence solutions. Some of its clients include State Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, BHEL, Lupin Pharma, Bandhan Bank, PolicyBazaar, and Capillary Technologies, among others. The company is also working on a number of government projects and is looking at sizeable revenue from some of these government-led digital initiatives in the coming years. 

Moreover, with cybersecurity becoming more of an organizational concern than just an IT narrative confined to CIO/CTOs, Trend Micro is creating a whole new digital ecosystem to address this issue. “We work closely with CXOs, application teams, programmers, coders and OEMs to offer the best of these solutions to our customers and help them learn and educate about cybersecurity in the new digital landscape.”

He also mentioned, adding that the company’s strong global presence combined with localized support to meet regional regulatory and technical needs have always been a plus.

As part of Trend Micro’s 2020 agenda, Jain said, “We will be even more aggressive on our hybrid cloud security offerings, acquire new customers and recruit a new set of partners that can help us bring more innovation and revenue to the table over the next 12 months.”

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