Abhishek Aggarwal from Ozone Group Decodes the Changing Paradigm of Home Security Systems in India

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal, President- Strategy, Ozone Group


  1. How are Indian consumers opening up about increased focus on home security in recent times?

Over the last two years, people have spent a significant amount of time at home. Becoming more mindful of their surroundings and security needs, they have begun to invest further in a better quality of life with products that are easy-to-use and provide safety. This is especially true for those living with young children or the elderly. They have shifted away from more traditional security solutions and opted for those that are reliable, tech-driven, and better suited to the Indian lifestyle.

Consumers now want home security solutions that are convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and holistic. At the Ozone Group, our wide array of products offers a sense of security, and can be easily monitored or used remotely via the OzoLife App. This IoT platform allows users to combine all their home automation products securely and lets them easily check in on those at home or their surroundings.


  1. 2. What are the new opportunities that lie ahead for Ozone Group with growing consumer interest in the industry?

With the purchasing power of Indians increasing, rising interest in technology, there is a blue ocean market waiting to be explored. Today there is a shift from traditional solutions such as mechanical locks for instance. While we’re also competing with players who offer traditional security solutions, security technology has rapidly evolved with the consumers’ preferences.

In developed markets, organizations that offer such hi-tech holistic solutions are much larger in scale. However, in India, this is still at an early stage.

As the Indian market matures, as consumers become further aware of the industry, they shape the trends- and thus lies a sea of opportunities for market players like us. To further cater to their needs, and provide end-to-end security solutions, competitors across the industry are in the space of building awareness and informing customers about fast-track technologies.

While we have just touched the surface, we’re educating our consumers in the commercial and residential spaces and also increasing depth in tier-2 markets with organic reach.

With end-to-end security solutions, that include digital main door locks, internal door locks, furniture locks, safes, video doorbells, cameras and more, we offer consumers innovative, efficient and hi-tech products that interest them.


  1. How is Ozone Secutech innovating itself to customize as per Indian needs and demands?

Convenience is a key focus area for us. Digital security solutions included in the category today are based on market research or findings particularly skewed towards the Indian consumer. We understand the importance of details and create products that are functional, aspirational, available in different designs, and most importantly, accessible.

A strong acceptance of technology across India, has helped us organically market our products better post the pandemic. Due to high price points, traditional security solutions and especially the digital locks market in India was initially a niche. At the Ozone Group, what we looked at doing, as we entered the market was not only to bring the price point down, but also offer products that are superior in quality, and accessible to consumers.

Our target group today is also the young 27-year-old who just got married…who is concerned about safety and has an inclination toward technology. This young consumer was previously an untapped or uncatered source simply because of the affordability factor.

During the pandemic, we brought in a variety of products that were more accessible and this helped shift and attract new consumers, who created trends in the industry. Through our marketing campaigns, we have developed on the relatability factor. Functionality and good design have been our USPs and have helped us build width and depth. Presently, we manufacture products that are intuitive, and can easily be used by the elderly, children, home staff, and more.


  1. Do you think Indian brands are growing in the international market promoting their Made in India products? Could you highlight Ozone’s growth story in the international market as well?

In our industry, a large bulk of the supply originally came from China. However, with a new geopolitical strategy, we see a shift in the market scenario.

As a global manufacturer, India is rising. With the Make In India charter, India is emerging as a key player in the manufacturing sector. There is a lot of acceptance and recognition for Indian brands today. As the Ozone Group has been present in export markets since the last 15 years, we’ve built deep relationships with industry leaders across the globe. With shifting economic trends, we hope to leverage these alliances and look at expanding our presence globally.

Today, we supply to over 80 countries. Our products are heavily accepted in the market. With our new sustainable manufacturing plant at Himachal Pradesh, we aim to cater to the growing global demand, export more and build on the Make in India initiative, which has helped bring home-grown brands, such as us, to the forefront and paved the way forward in the international market.

Now India, and its home-grown businesses create products for the world.


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