“Embracing an Integrated Approach to Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”: Insights from Technology Experts on National Technology Day

Praval Singh, Vice President, Zoho Corp.

“India is advancing towards being a global SaaS leader. However, in recent years, we have witnessed a hype cycle brought on by excessive capital, resulting in disproportionate hiring and irrational spending. This model was never sustainable, and the implications are pretty visible. Now, more than ever, it’s essential for tech companies to strengthen their foundation through R&D investments and be open to exploring opportunities and markets to stay relevant. A strong foundation can help them in the face of market uncertainties brought on by global economic headwinds and technological advancements such as those in AI.

At Zoho, we’ve remained frugal even through prosperous years and chose to invest in R&D and talent. Now, our focus is to strengthen these two areas even more while we serve our customers in the best way possible. On this National Technology Day, we want to stress upon the importance of the basics—focusing on sustainable growth and looking at building a business for the long haul. Tough times bring out strong businesses.”


Shailesh Kumar Davey, Co-founder, and VP of engineering, ManageEngine, Zoho Corp.

“In order to improve their competitiveness and offer a better user experience, businesses are embracing technologies in ways never seen before. But in their rush, they shouldn’t forget that technology can also play a key role in creating a sustainable future. At ManageEngine, we help businesses better understand their IT resource utilization and operational inefficiencies. We optimize IT infrastructure with a focus on endpoint security, service management, IT security and data centers, thereby helping businesses cut down on unwanted expenses and reduce their energy consumption. We are seeing the government and several business leaders take initiatives to create a sustainable future and achieve net zero emissions. If adopted right, technology can certainly be a major helping hand in their cause.”



Satya Prabhakar, Founder and CEO, Sulekha.com & ProManage.

“On National Technology Day in India, we celebrate the incredible advancements in technology that have transformed society and the economy. From digital commerce to hyperlocal marketing, technology has disrupted traditional business models and paved the way for new, innovative ways of connecting with customers.

At Sulekha, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution, providing businesses with access to cutting-edge technology innovations and marketing strategies through our Marketing-as-a-Service platform, ProManage. By leveraging the power of hyperlocal marketing and other digital tools, businesses can create personalized experiences that resonate with customers and drive long-term growth.

But it’s not just businesses that benefit from these technological advancements. As a society, we’re seeing the power of technology to connect people, break down barriers, and create new opportunities for learning, collaboration, and growth. From online education to remote work, technology is transforming the way we live and work, opening a world of possibilities for individuals and communities alike. Using technology to drive progress and growth in every area of our lives, let’s work together to push the limits and build a brighter and more prosperous future for everyone.”


Amit Deshpande, Sr. VP and India Head, SpringML

“In the modern age of digital technology we are able to achieve impressive breakthroughs at an extraordinary rate. There’s already a paradigm shift taking place in areas such as Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail, and many more. AI innovation will enable humans to leverage enormous quantities of data and make groundbreaking advances.

A clear example of AI’s contribution to the future is SpringML’s recent project for Costa Mesa Sanitary District. The Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) is dedicated to protecting public health and the environment for current and future generations. The district, which serves more than 118,000 residents, provides solid waste and wastewater collection services to Costa Mesa, California, as well as parts of Newport Beach and unincorporated Orange County.

SpringML created a solution by leveraging the power of machine learning (ML) to detect sewer manholes, analyze them, and rate their conditions. CMSD cut costs associated with manhole maintenance by 60%. The initiative is also helping to improve public safety with more frequent and effective manhole maintenance, resulting in smoother roads, avoiding sewer blockages, and improving worker access to underground public utilities.

According to research by PwC UK and Microsoft, by 2030, the use of AI for sustainable technologies could add up to USD $5.2 trillion to the world economy. The objective should now be to keep pushing the envelope and make it an indispensable tool for solving environmental, social, and governmental issues.”


Mr. Sarvesh Agrawal, CEO and Founder, Internshala

The striding technological advancement over the years has left no field untouched be it education, corporates, healthcare, government, or even a household. Quite recently, ChatGPT became all the rage for its ability to assist in a multitude of ways. In fact, many of the professionals are actively utilising the same to improve efficiency at work.

The onset of pandemic also catalysed the need for technology as each and everyone had to leverage technology in some way or another to adapt to the new normal. So much so that one of top skills employers are looking for these days is tech savvyness of a potential employee.

The technology has especially left a huge imprint in the field of e-learning empowering the edtech organisations to build and provide up-to-date online learning courses for the aspiring learners from even the most remote areas of the nation enabling them to upskill and reskill with the highest in-demand skills.Vaibhav Gupta, CMO and Co-founder, iSchoolConnect.

Given the times we live in and how we have evolved, primarily through the pandemic that dismantled all constructs of conventional life, technology has become the cornerstone of many systems around which our life revolves. Today, embracing technology is not a matter of choice but a strategic imperative.

Technology is instrumental in breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive learning environment. It is democratizing higher education and even the study abroad landscape to provide all aspirants access to quality education regardless of their socioeconomic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds.

Technology will continue to play a pivotal role in constructing a sustainable higher education system that adapts to the evolving needs of students, institutions, and the global community. Tapping into the gargantuan potential of technology will help us lock limitless possibilities and design a future in which education transcends barriers and enables people to flourish in an interconnected world


Mr. Abhishek Ajmera , Chief Sales & Marketing officer UNIVO

At UNIVO, we have been striving to revolutionize online higher education by leveraging key technology innovations.

Such is the rising ubiquity of technology enabled online learning that legacy institutes across the nation are embracing this mode to reach every possible learner while remaining relevant in an increasingly tech-focused industry. And the deluge of online higher education degree programs will only gain further momentum over the years to come.

At the heart of it, technology’s purpose is to make human lives more convenient. In the case of online higher education, this is realized by enabling boundaryless access regardless of  geographical, economic and social classifications. Learning must be omnipresent, and online education is making this a reality. The ultimate goal remains to ensure that students have access to the best quality & affordable education.

SingleDebt  – By Harish Parmar , Founder

“At SingleDebt, we understand the importance of technology in the world of debt management. Our in-house developed snowball effect calculator is a perfect example of how technology is helping us cater to our clients in a more efficient and effective way. By using various algorithms such as total outstanding, loan tenure, missed monthly payment numbers, and loan stage, we ensure that our clients’ disposable income is distributed to their creditors in the most strategic way possible. Our snowball effect calculator helps us prioritize paying off loans based on these criteria, enabling us to clear outstanding debts from small to large amounts while keeping a close eye on the parameters that matter most. Through our technological advancements, we are able to offer our clients the best possible solutions for their debt management needs, ensuring they can achieve their financial goals and live a debt-free life.”

BankSathi – By Jitendra Dhaka , Founder – 

“As the world of finance continues to evolve, technology plays a pivotal role in helping us provide better services to our customers. At BankSathi, we are leveraging the latest technologies to offer innovative solutions that cater to the diverse financial needs of our clients. With the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, we are able to provide personalized suggestions and create awareness for financial products in banking products. This not only simplifies the investment process for our customers but also helps them make informed decisions. Additionally, the use of advanced technology has allowed us to reach out to a wider audience, enabling us to cater to more customers all over. In a rapidly changing world, staying relevant and adapting to new technologies is imperative, and we are committed to continuously improving our services through the use of cutting-edge technology.”

FidyPay- Fintech API , Manan Dixit , Founder 
“At FidyPay, we believe that technology is a powerful enabler of financial inclusion and economic growth. By leveraging the latest advancements in digital payments technology, we are able to create new opportunities for individuals, businesses, and entire economies to thrive. Our API empowers businesses to easily integrate digital payments into their existing systems, making transactions more secure, convenient, and efficient. By staying at the forefront of technological innovation, we are not only driving business growth, but also making a positive impact on society by providing access to financial services for those who have been historically underserved. We understand that staying relevant in the digital age means continually adapting to new technologies and user behaviors, which is why we remain committed to advancing our platform and offering our clients the most cutting-edge solutions. At FidyPay, we’re not just a technology company, we’re a partner in driving economic progress and financial empowerment for all.”

Mr. Vinay Singh, Co-Founder, BeatRoute

On National Technology Day, we honor the remarkable potential of innovation to reshape industries and drive progress. As an enterprise tech platform originating in India and garnering admiration from top retail brands across the globe, BeatRoute epitomizes this transformative power. We are revolutionizing the way retail brands plan and execute their Route-to-Market. By bringing sales teams, channel partners, and customers together on a collaborative platform, BeatRoute is driving holistic sales transformation for brands and creating a culture of high performance and goal-oriented success. Let’s continue to embrace technology to drive positive change and achieve our end business goals.


Mr. Mandeep Arora, MD & Co-Founder UBON

India’s consumer electronics market has grown rapidly over the years, fueled by increasing disposable income, urbanization, and the growth of e-commerce. Today, India is one of the largest consumer electronics markets in the world, with a vast range of products available to consumers at affordable prices. On this day we would like to address the commendable efforts made by the government in order to make technological advancements accessible to the masses. In the current scenario, we are learning new things on a daily basis because of the recent and frequent technological developments. In the field of consumer electronics and gadgets accessories, the sector is enlightened by wireless connectivity, sensors, e-commerce, solar products etc. More development in the technological field will make things easier to operate. This will also lead to a better analysis of the data collected in the particular device.


Mr. Lalit Arora, Co-Founder, VingaJoy, consumer electronic brand.

On National Technology Day, we celebrate the power of technology to enhance our lives and transform our experiences. Innovation can bring us closer to our passions, through developed technology. Technological advancements have revolutionized every sector, be it finance, education and consumer durable. The consumer electronic market is widely contributing to this innovative world and this quality-proven innovation makes our lives easier through wireless consumer durable electronic products. Let’s continue to embrace technology to enhance our lifestyles and find prolonged joy in the things we love.

Mr. Parry Singh, Founder & CEO, Red Fort Capital, an NBFC with RBI registration.

As the world continues to evolve, so too does the financial services industry. Non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) have been essential in addressing the financial requirements of people and businesses that banks have historically underserved.
Traditional business models have been disrupted by technology, prompting businesses to change in order to survive. The digital revolution has brought a paradigm shift in the way NBFCs and MSMEs operate. The traditional brick-and-mortar model has been replaced by digital platforms that offer innovative solutions and faster turnaround times.


Prof. Rudra Pratap, Founding Vice Chancellor, Plaksha University

Over the past decade, there have been significant advances in technology that have transformed daily lives and livelihoods across the world. And yet the societal problems, which are also called grand challenges,  continue to grow in magnitude. Technology must serve as a facilitator for us to address complex issues, align ourselves with a larger goal, and make a positive impact on humanity and the environment.

Reimagining technology education to address real-life problems is an important step in this direction. To secure a sustainable future, providing integrated learning opportunities in science and technology is crucial. Young people today must be able to utilize emerging technologies such as AI, ML, Robotics, and the concept of the Metaverse to drive innovation across diverse industries.”


Mukesh Kumar Bansal- Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of TelioEV

“The electric vehicle (EV) industry in India has seen a significant positive change in recent years, thanks to the impact of technology. The progress of EVs in India has been facilitated by technology in various aspects. This includes the development of better battery technology and charging infrastructure, as well as digital mobility solutions. With the aid of advanced software in EV manufacturing and design, more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly EVs have emerged. The development of a robust charging infrastructure is critical to the growth of EVs, and the use of technology such as IoT and cloud computing has made it easier to monitor and manage charging stations remotely. With the rise of the sharing economy, digital mobility solutions have become increasingly popular in India, promoting the use of electric vehicles as a sustainable mode of transportation. The integration of EVs into ride-hailing services has also encouraged the use of electric vehicles as a sustainable mode of transportation. As we celebrate Technology Day, it is crucial to acknowledge the indispensable role that technology plays in the growth of the EV industry in India and the potential it offers in creating a greener, more sustainable future.”

Manav Subodh- Managing Director of 1M1B (One Million for One Billion)

“The present discourse around AI and other immersive technologies like AR/ VR is that it is going to come in and take away jobs. We can flip the script by de-mystifying these new technologies to a broader social-economic audience and empowering them to enter the new virtual jobs economy and reimagine a new future for themselves.

People in tier 2-3 cities even in the hinterlands of India can enter the virtual jobs economy. Virtual jobs and the gig economy are expected to grow exponentially; it is expected that over 1 million new jobs will be created in India in the next 2-3 years in this category. The Animation, Visual effects, Gaming, and Cartoon (AVGC) sector will also be booming in India in the next 5-10 years. We need to make technology skilling and education inclusive and available to a broader segment of our future workforce for them to take advantage. If we act now, not just jobs, this can be the pivotal moment to also bridge the digital divide”


Mr. Govind Soni, Co-founder and CTO, CoinSwitch

On National Technology Day, we are reminded of the transformative power of innovation and its ability to shape our lives meaningfully. Technology at its best is a high-impact growth accelerator. It increases efficiency, creates new possibilities, and makes our world better. In terms of crypto and its underlying blockchain technology, we are already seeing this play out via the ongoing Web3 pivot.

Today, companies and governments are harnessing the power of blockchain to create secure and transparent systems across various industries. Blockchain technology can potentially revolutionise how we conduct business, store data, and even vote. In the coming years, we can expect to see a boom in the real-world utility of this technology and yield its benefits.

Even at CoinSwitch, we are constantly innovating and exploring new ways to leverage technology at large to better serve our customers. As we celebrate National Technology Day, we look forward to the many possibilities the future holds.


Mr Vikram Ahuja, MD ANSR and CEO and Co-Founder Talent500

“The National Technology Day is an occasion to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of our tech community in the nation’s progress. As the world grapples with recessionary pressures and economic uncertainty, India’s tech industry continues to display remarkable resilience. The strong and sustained growth and innovation in the technology space presents a unique opportunity for India to position itself as the world’s technological powerhouse. India’s Global Capability Center (GCC) sector will continue its contribution to the ecosystem, further strengthening India’s leadership position in the world map for technology and innovation.”


Mr. Kapil Kapoor, Chief Product and Technology officer at CredAble

“Technology continuously drives change, with developments in the Metaverse and generative AI leading the way. These new technologies have enabled businesses to create and improve offerings, enhance productivity, and contribute to the well-being of humanity. The cloud and 5G have boosted computing power and network connectivity, defining the digital era’s scale and speed.

Advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and biometrics, are transforming the financial services industry, allowing FinTechs to drive greater efficiency and create more value. By adopting digital operating models, FinTechs can achieve greater agility and precision in risk assessment, overcome implementation hurdles, and build solutions that offer last-mile delivery, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance. FinTech start-ups and financial institutions are investing heavily in technology, particularly in customer onboarding, underwriting, credit scoring, and loan disbursements.

As AI technology advances, business leaders should consider how their models can benefit from decentralised AI capabilities beyond 2023. Along with optimising efficiency, it’s important to establish reliable cloud infrastructure and integrate intelligence into technology stacks.”


Mr. Milind Borgikar, Chief Technology Officer at Ayekart

“National Technology Day serves as a reminder of how technology has the power to impact and transform lives and livelihoods.

 The agri-value chain is undergoing a significant transformation due to the emergence of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The implementation of these advanced technologies has the potential to effectively tackle crucial issues, including food security, sustainable business practices, and the empowerment of MSMEs, Farmers/ Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).

 At Ayekart, we remain committed to pushing the limits of technology in order to create a sustainable and efficient ecosystem for our partners. Our vision for the future is one where the agri-value chain is smart, efficient, and sustainable, and we strive towards this goal by developing and implementing new technologies.”


Mr. Ankur Singh, CEO and Founder, Witzeal Technologies

“At Witzeal Technologies, we believe that national technology is fundamental for the growth of our nation and understand its potential for the gaming industry. The emergence of AI, MI, and AR/VR have enabled game developers to craft immersive and engaging gaming experiences leading to a 360-degree growth of the industry thereby generating revenue and employment opportunities in the nation.

By utilizing AI and machine learning, personalised gaming experiences can be provided to players, including tailored gameplay and rewards based on their performances. This has a my created riad of opportunities for the industry, and at Witzeal Technologies, we are leading the way in this technology-driven revolution, looking for new ways to utilise cutting-edge technology to innovate and upgrade the gaming experience.

We are devoted to keeping ethical standards and ensuring the safety of our users, and have been providing a digitally secured platform for our users on our multi-gaming platform, Big Cash. By doing so, we hope to motivate other industry players to pursue responsible gaming and benefit the nation.”


Mr. Pranav Bagai, CEO, and Founder, Poker Sports League

On National Technology Day, we celebrate the transformative power of technology in shaping the online gaming industry, particularly in the realm of online poker. Technology has revolutionized the way we play, bringing the excitement and skill of poker to players across the globe, anytime and anywhere. From advanced platforms and seamless user experiences to sophisticated algorithms ensuring fair play, technology has elevated online poker to new heights.

Through cutting-edge innovations, we have witnessed the convergence of technology and poker, creating a dynamic and immersive gaming experience. AI-powered algorithms have enhanced gameplay, providing players with intelligent insights and analysis. Virtual reality and augmented reality have brought the thrill of live poker to the digital realm, fostering a sense of community and interaction among players.

At Poker Sports League, we are partnering with tech companies to provide our players with a unique and immersive gaming experience. The same has also enabled us to create a more engaging and entertaining poker experience, with innovative features, contests and tournaments. Also, tech-based features have helped us bring the world of poker closer together, and we look forward to continuing to use technology to make poker an even more enjoyable experience for everyone. On this National Technology Day, we celebrate the power of technology to transform industries and improve the lives of people around the world.”


Amit Tyagi, CEO, PayWorld, says “As technology continues to shape the world around us, it’s important to recognize the impact it has created on our daily lives. That’s why National Technology Day was established – To celebrate the advancements in technology and the people behind them. In the world of finance, technology has brought about a wave of change that has disrupted traditional banking methods and given rise to a new breed of tech-first organisations like PayWorld.

Assisted Transactions & Making Financial Services Accessible to All

Fintech organizations like PayWorld are making financial services more accessible to Bharat through assisted transactions and last-mile delivery of Banking Products while keeping technology and innovation at their core. One of the biggest drivers for the organisation is that it is bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots. In the tier II and tier III segments of the country, people do not have access to traditional banking services, which makes it difficult for them to save money, invest, or access credit. This is where PayWorld comes in – With over a million retail touchpoints, the end customer has to look no further from her neighbourhood to send money to a loved one or buy insurance for her family or access cash instantly or book travel tickets. When we look to the future, it’s clear that PayWorld will continue to play a major role in shaping the world of technology and finance”.


Talking about ‘Tech Day’ Mr. Manish Jha, CIO, Addverb says, National Technology Day holds immense significance for us at Addverb. As a technology-driven organization, this day carries a deep meaning for our team. It serves as a reminder of our commitment to innovation and showcases the pivotal role technology plays in our society. Technological advancements have been a catalyst for disruption in businesses across various industries. At Addverb, we recognize this disruption as an opportunity for growth and progress. By embracing emerging technologies such as robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence, we strive to develop solutions that optimize business operations and push the boundaries of what is possible. In our day-to-day lives, technology has become an inseparable part of our existence. It has transformed the way we communicate, work, and navigate through the world. Industries like healthcare, transportation, and retail have witnessed significant transformations, offering us convenience, speed, and personalization. From online shopping and digital payments to smart homes and wearable devices, technology has revolutionized our lives, making them more connected and efficient. National Technology Day serves as a powerful reminder for us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation. It encourages us to foster a culture of creativity, drive change, and develop technological solutions that positively impact businesses and society as a whole”.


Adding further, Mr. Vikram Ahuja, MD ANSR, CEO, and Co-Founder of Talent500 said, “Every company today believes that technology forms the bedrock of their being. Technology, when used to further a corporate strategy, can create compelling differentiation in the marketplace. There is a tectonic shift taking place in corporates big and small across the world – the use of technologies like Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing ways of working and our interaction with the world around us as well as our colleagues – it is in this context that digital literacy is a must across the corporate hierarchy. The next few years will see disruption of all businesses due to the emergence of generative AI, which is likely to force companies to recalibrate their strategies.

The ability to use such technologies to enhance efficiency, engage with colleagues and stakeholders and to be constantly seeking out newer and better ways of working will benefit the worker of the future. The changing technology landscape is a continuum, and embracing these technology waves will determine the difference between existence and exhilaration.”


Further highlighting the significance of National Tech Day, Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO, Great Place To Work India

“Technology’s role in building resilient businesses is undeniable, but its impact on decision-making without biases is a complex issue. AI has the potential to identify and reduce human biases, but its unregulated use on a large scale can also amplify them. To leverage AI effectively, it is important to address unconscious bias in current algorithms and have open conversations about equity and inclusion. Indian women, in particular, possess a unique advantage due to the diverse environments they are exposed to during their upbringing. By promoting greater representation of women in technical AI roles, we not only provide inspiring examples for women in technology to aspire to but also challenge negative cultural stereotypes about women and their place in STEM fields.”


Ashutosh Khanna, Co-Founder & Director, Walkwater Talent Advisors, one of India’s fastest growing Executive Search and Talent Advisory

Technology is a mind-set and a bridge that connects our dreams with reality. On our National Technology Day, let us pay tribute to the technologists who have transformed our lives and inspired the next generation. Let us celebrate the progress our nation is making across different fields of science and technology through established as well as new age organisations.


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