Top 10 Early-Stage Accelerator Programs Every Startup Should Not Miss

Startup accelerator programs play a pivotal role in fostering the growth and development of early-stage companies. Basically, these programs are intensive, mentorship-driven initiatives designed to catapult startups into a phase of accelerated growth and success. They provide a comprehensive package of resources, support, and opportunities that can help startups kick-start their journey toward success.

One of the core components of accelerator programs is mentorship. Experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors generally serve as mentors, offering essential guidance and insights. This mentorship can cover various aspects of business development, from refining the startup’s business model to marketing strategies and fundraising.

Furthermore, accelerator programs often provide funding in exchange for equity. This financial injection is important for startups to cover their operational costs, product development, and market expansion. Beyond the financial aspect, accelerator programs also create an environment of accountability and motivation, as startups work towards achieving their specific milestones and goals.

Access to a network of investors and potential partners is another significant benefit. Accelerators usually culminate in a demo day or pitch event, where startups get to showcase their progress to a room full of potential investors. This exposure can lead to substantial investments and partnerships, helping startups secure their footing in the market.

Accelerators’ concentrated support enables startups to iterate on their ideas quickly, pivot when necessary, and accelerate their path to market success.

Let’s explore the top ten accelerator programs that no startup should miss out on.

  1. Surge by Peak XV

Early design decisions can make or break a company, and navigating the complex process of early-stage fundraising can be exhausting. Surge, an initiative by Peak XV Partners (formerly Sequoia India), helps founders on multiple fronts. Surge provides access to essential capital, a supportive community, company-building resources, and international exposure. It runs twice a year for 16 weeks, welcoming companies focused on the Indian and Southeast Asian markets.

  1. Accel Atoms

An initiative by Accel, aimed at supporting and fostering early-stage startups. They invest in Companies across early stages, including idea-stage and pre-product, Startups in India, Singapore, Indonesia, and the UAE,, and Startups where AI is an integral part of the product. The program ensures domain expertise, essential resources and strategic networking, empowering you to increase your chances of success. Startups can get investment up to $500K as equity or convertible note.

  1. Cisco Launchpad

A corporate accelerator program specialised in helping deep-tech startups that work in disruptive technologies. Their programs last for 6 months, accepting two batches in a year. Apart from providing mentorship and funding, they also make CISCO technologies accessible to help the startups grow. When it comes to supporting their startups, they even go to the extent of majorly investing in them, being their customers and even formulating a go-to-market strategy.

  1. 100x VC

A blend of a preseed venture fund and accelerator, 100x VC supports startups in cohorts. Founded in 2019, 100X.VC is a venture capital firm based in Mumbai, India. The firm prefers to invest in agritech, B2B, B2C, cleantech, deeptech, e-commerce, edtech, enterprisetech, EV, femtech, fintech, food and beverages, gaming, hardware, healthtech, HRtech, logistics, marketplace, martech, mediatech, pettech, SaaS, social media, Web3 sectors. The firm seeks to make investments using iSAFE in 100 startups in a year.  Recently, 100X.VC Invested $3.4 Mn in 22 Indian Startups In Its 9th Cohort.

  1. GSF Accelerator

Tech-focused early stage venture capital firm, providing the first cheque to founders from incubation to seed. Located in Gurgaon, GSF Accelerator provides start-up funding of up to $60,000, along with “unparalleled access” to venture and business networks. During their 13-week long programme, they provide personalised and intensive mentoring. They have supported startups like Little Eye Labs, Zapr, Overcart, Flinto, and Browntape to name a few.

  1. Lab32 by T-Hub

Lab32 is a 100 days, goal-based market readiness program for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Ready and Market Ready Startups to refine their Product-Market Fit (PMF) and Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy. The latest edition of Lab32 (Cohort “10”) – in partnership with Value Partners – aims to nurture startups from the Indian subcontinent working on innovative solutions. Lab32’s unique program format, fine-tuned over “ten (10)” previous cohorts, helps startups push their limits, achieve their goals faster, and come out better prepared for “market” success.

  1. Google For Startups Launchpad Accelerator

Google for Startups Accelerators serve top growth-stage startups with tailored technical, product, and leadership training from Google experts. Each accelerator features a cohort of 10-15 top startups that come together to tackle specific technical challenges that can help grow their businesses through a mix of remote and in-person, 1-to-1, group learning sessions, and sprint projects. Founders outline the top technical challenges for their startup, and are then paired with relevant experts from both Google and the industry to solve those challenges and grow their business.

  1. PreSeed Accelerator by SanchiConnect

A thematic cohort based accelerator for MVP to Early Stage revenue startups building core IP. PreSeed Accelerator runs under the umbrella of SanchiConnect which claims to own largest deep tech startup-investor-corporate ecosystem in India. The program is new but aptly positioned through its funding + GTM led approach. Being new but supported by most promising venture funding partners, their cohort 1 on green mobility saw a lot of visibility with startups getting INR 75 Lac on day 0 followed by market access in subsequent 100 days.

  1. CIIE by IIM A

Housed in the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad campus, the program has a strong lineage with support from institution, government (state and central) and alumni of the institution. Being for a while in the ecosystem, CIIE holds significant value for startups across different stages and domains. Recently CIIE has brought in Sustainability, Inclusion and a few more burning issues in their central theme.

  1. NetApp Excellerator

NetApp Excellerator run in Bengaluru is part of a global startup initiative by NetApp, fostering innovation through partnerships with deep-tech startups, catapulting them onto the global stage by granting access to NetApp’s customer base. The program provides top-notch technical and business mentoring and access to NetApp’s extensive network. NetApp ExcellerateHER specifically empowers female founders with the same benefits and industry-leading mentors, enabling them to thrive as digital entrepreneurs in today’s landscape.


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