Top Players that can make AI and Data Science accessible to all

The Indian Artificial Intelligence and Data Science ecosystem has truly come of age and has undergone digital transformation across the globe. From crowdsourcing and app development to allowing people to learn and advance their skills through various training programs,  from foodtech, edtech and telemedicine to fintech and digital asset classes — there are some players that are zeroing on niche requirements to make AI related services accessible to all and sundry.

Here we have a list of a few companies from various regions across the globe which, with their cutting edge data science, have the potential to redefine the future and put forward a steady march towards future AI.


AI Planet

AI Planet, Formely DPhi, is an ecosystem envisioned to shape the future of AI and democratize data science education. We are a global community of 100K+ data, tech enthusiasts from 140+ countries.

For Individuals: AI Planet is an open education Data and AI community where one can practice, compete, discuss, share knowledge and learn real-world data and AI skills. AI planet frequently conducts community bootcamps on cutting-edge technologies such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning etc, and hosts live sessions with industry experts.

For Companies: AI planet is  one-stop solution for crowdsourcing AI and developer adoption and building great Engineering and A.I teams through our automated technical assessments platform.


Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is World’s Leading Data Science Community & Knowledge Portal. The mission is to create a next-gen data science ecosystem!

This platform allows people to learn & advance their skills through various training programs, know more about data science from its articles, Q&A forum, and learning paths. Also, we help professionals & amateurs to sharpen their skill sets by providing a platform to participate in Hackathons.



Kaggle provides cutting-edge data science, faster and better than most people ever thought possible. We have a proven track-record of solving real-world problems across a diverse array of industries including pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, information technology, and retail. Kaggle offers both public and private data science competitions and on-demand consulting by an elite global talent pool.



Zindi is a professional network for data science, and we’re on a mission to make data science and AI accessible to everyone. We created Zindi because we saw that for AI to live up to its promise to transform the world for the better, we had to unearth and nurture value where others failed to see it even existed.

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