Implementing SAFe® 5.1 with SPC Certification

Knowledgehut, an immersive learning platform is popularly known among learning enthusiasts because it regularly offers new in-demand courses on its platform, keeping in mind the current industry requirements from candidates.

In this article, we will talk about the latest course on Implementing SAFe with SPC training which is being offered on the Knowledgehut. This SAFe Program Consultant Certification is comprehensively designed training course which aims to cultivate all the required skills and knowledge that you need as an individual to deliver SAFe coaching in your organization.

Upon successful completion of this comprehensive course, you become a professional SAFe practitioner by getting the most accredited SAFe Program Consultant certification which validates your skills and knowledge and also it prepares to clear the SAFe exam in you very first attempt.



A skilled SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) are highly sought after in the present times and is expected to continue be in demand in all the coming times. Very less of individual actually know what a SAFe framework is and how as a SPC it works as a magic to give a boost to your career.

Well, to begin with, the SAFe framework offered by Scaled Agile Inc is the perfect method of choice which is used in scaling Agile and is currently used by almost 70% of the Fortune 100 companies that operates with more than eight Lakhs certified SPC practitioners across the world.

Being a SAFe Program consultant, you get a lot of leverage as you possess the utmost kind of skills which is sought after by the top organization who seeks to implement SAFe across their enterprise. As a professional SAFe Program consultant, you become competent enough to organize active trainings in the enterprise so that the SAFe principles and practices are safely implemented and it continues to remain so in a very long run. In addition to your main job role, the certification helps you gain an added advantage in financial terms i.e. you get to earn way more than you non-certified peers and can command salary as per your choice, because you become the main mind behind delivery of growth of the organization.

Being a SAFe Program Consultant, your job role is not only limited towards adding value to the SAFe environment, but you as an individual get to distinguish yourself and get the opportunity to work with the top organization who are looking to hire the right professional skilled in SaAFe in order to provide quality and high value deliverables to the customers. Because you play a major role in the Agile team of taking the lead and coach the team in driving the right strategy, design, and product vision which is meant for the overall growth of your organization.

Thus SAFe Program Consultant certification is everything that you need to give a boost your career and deliver benefits in promising role that is highly sought after these days.



The SAFe Program Consultant certification provides you the knowledge and understanding over the latest SAFe® 5.1 implementation in your firm where you get the position of leading change in the Lean Agile transformation with your professional accreditation. For a safe implementation of SAFe with the SPC certification you need to learn to have a successful plan and coach the SAFe transformations in your organization. In this regard you get the SPC certification from the Implementing SAFe with SPC Training course offered on the Knowledgehut platform which is a Gold SPCT Partner of Scaled Agile, Inc in providing training courses to interested candidates.

Moreover, there is need for you to get fully equipped with the knowledge concerning Scaled Agile Framework and become a professional consultant of SAFe program by learning a complete understanding of the way to lead teams in this framework via SAFe transformation with rationally distributed workforces. As a consultant you should be able to learn and teach SAFe design of Agile Release Trains (ART) across the SAFe organization.

So, enroll with the Implementing SAFe with SPC training program and become a skilled SAFe practitioner with a knowledgeable understanding of the latest Scaled Agile framework and its implementation. It will be a 4 day extensive interactive training program which includes quite engaging real time activities and simulations where you have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills which are essentially required in building the teams, coach them through a SAFe Agile transformation. Your job role is so crucial to have an understanding of the multiple roles required in a SAFe framework, and how you can use your position to find successful solution for the development of SAFe environment in the enterprise.

The SAFe® Program Consultant certification is a accredited designation which is offered by the renowned Scaled Agile, Inc. only to those practitioners who complete our 4-day training program provided by a expert trainer and those practitioners who demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the subject by clearing the mandatory SAFe® Program Consultant certification exam in your very first time.



The Implementing SAFe with SPC Training certification provides a lot of benefits to the certified individuals in many ways. Below listed are some of the bullet points that makes it clear the major things you will learn from the training program:

  1. You learn how to coach a SAFe and Agile transformation and lead the organization with eventually Lean-agile transformation.
  2. You learn how to launch ARTs and the several steps involved in launching of the Agile release Train.
  3. You need to master the quality of indentifying the map and manage value stream in order to prioritize with the right values for your enterprise.
  4. Learn the master key of building Agile Product strategy and delivering effective solution for the high end product delivery.
  5. Learn to build roadmaps for creation of business value and try to manage them for tactful evolution.
  6. Understand how to identify different roles and learn each role and its working in a SAFe implementation.


There are no prior requirements that candidates need to fulfill in order to attend the Implementing SAFe with SPC training program as all the interested individuals, be it a novice or a professional are open to join the course and get their advanced SPC certification.

The interested individuals who have zeal for understanding the SAFe environment in a better term are most welcome to enroll with the course. However, kindly make a note that in order to be eligible for the SPC certification you need to meet certain criteria. They are listed as below:

  • More than 5 years of extensive experience in software development, business analysis, product, testing, or project management
  • More than 3 years of Agile experience
  • A minimum one relevant certification in Agile

To meet the last criteria, you can attend a course of Foundation of SAFe or Agile framework course as available on the Knowledgehut platform.

The Implementing SAFe Program Consultant training, a 32-hour engaging and instructor led interactive program is the golden opportunity for those individuals who want to empower their Lean portfolio, build Agile Product delivery solutions, and coach SAFe transformation across a enterprise. So, enroll with the course today, and get going on with achieving success in your job field.

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