As a freelancer should you choose AutoCAD or AutoDesk Inventor?

Freelancing or also known as the ‘gig workforce’ is a growing employment segment. In a steadily growing economy, freelancers are required to be equally professional and provide quality services.

If you are a freelancer or looking to take up freelancing full-time, you must understand that the job still demands efficient deliveries. It requires you to submit your work on time, address client concerns to build trust. In such a scenario, a freelancer, who chooses to work as a designer from home will still require to utilize professional software applications.

You must understand each of them and use them accordingly for your purpose. Read about them before you buy them. Thus, to help you understand the best software for your usage, let us discuss and tell you more about the two most popular and important designing software from the Autodesk fraternity.

Autodesk, an American-based multinational software company has been providing designing software for professionals in different industries. The software is popular in the engineering, entertainment, gaming, media, mechanical, architecture, and animation industries. Known for offering several software programs, Autodesk has two popular designing platforms- AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor.

While each of them has its uses, each one of them is significantly different. To understand which one is suitable for your requirement, let’s understand them one by one.

AutoCAD Software

AutoCAD is one of the most popular software from the Autodesk family. It is also one of the software that brought fame for Autodesk in the industry. AutoCAD software assists you in designing 2-dimensional. It is also beneficial in creating 3D objects. Having launched earlier in the market, AutoCAD has a larger audience. It can be utilized to draft models for various engineering, designing, and general purposes.

AutoCAD software is compatible with all file types. It allows a user to create diagrams that are easy to share in real-time with other users. Also, as the design process is three-dimensional with real-time ability, it allows users to access and see the diagram from different angles. It also provides the users the ability to revise prototypes and diagrams in real-time according to their needs. This provides users with an interactive platform that is convenient to use.

Autodesk Inventor

The second software Autodesk Inventor is specific design software for experts in the mechanical industry. It is used only for creating 3D objects and is used for 2D/3D production and design.

Autodesk as launched later has a smaller target audience. Yet, they target the most recent users. The software’s motion simulation feature makes it operatively convenient. Autodesk Inventor provides the ability to imitate how machines can move when it is used. It ensures you use the right materials before any test. If you know how to use it correctly, it is user-friendly software. It provides the user with easy use and control without any worry about editing.

Which one should you choose?

Each software has its shortcomings and strengths. Yet, your aim should be to focus on providing effective designs as per your industry usage. If you wish to use the software for general purposes, then AutoCAD is the best. On the other hand, if you wish to use the Software solely for the mechanical segment then Autodesk Inventor is the best to choose.

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